Aura of Protection 5e DnD

Aura of Protection 5e

Are you a devout follower on the path of Light and Righteousness? Do you channel your divine favor and bless your allies with your glorious presence? Do you know right from wrong and are you willing to pound that difference into the skulls of heathens with your holy beating stick?

If so, read on, as while dishing out holy justice is an important part of the life of a Paladin, so too is protecting your weak, unblessed allies. In this guide, I will reveal to you the gospel of protection and soon you too will be preaching the word that is Aura of Protection 5e!

What is Aura of Protection 5e?

Aura of Protection is a class feature exclusive to us holy warriors, the Paladins, available from the 6th level. It grants the Paladin and all their allies within 10 feet a bonus to saving throws against spells and other harmful effects. This bonus is based on your Charisma modifier, with a minimum of +1 (for even the ugliest and least influential Paladins) and a general max of +5 (as most campaigns limit the upward range of PC base abilities). At the 18th level, the range of the Aura increases to 30ft.

How does Aura of Protection 5e work?

A Paladin merely has to flex their holy muscles and the aura goes into effect (it is activated as a bonus action!) Once activated, any ally within 10ft (or 30ft at 18th level), any ally close enough to feel the weight and presence of the gods fill the Paladin, gains the previously mentioned bonuses.

This bonus is granted automatically and does not require any action or reaction from the affected allies. Though unconscious allies cannot know the power and weight of holiness and therefore don’t gain the bonuses. Weaklings.

Does Aura of Protection stack?

No, the holy radiance of GOD does not stack. Only the strongest aura, the aura of the warrior closest to the gods themselves, takes priority. If in the presence of multiple Paladins, only the strongest aura’s effects are triggered.

Is Aura of Protection 5e Good?

Aura of Protection is often considered one of the most powerful effects in the entire game, considering its low cost, ease of use, and huge defensive effects. It provides a significant boost to the survivability of the Paladin and their rallies, allowing them to resist powerful spells and effects that could otherwise incapacitate or kill them.

Additionally, as Paladins serve multiple roles in a party, that of a tank, healer, dps, and support, preventing damage from the group is beneficial, as the less damage taken by the group means fewer spells slots spent on heals and more spent obliterating the heathens with holy magic.

Strengths of Aura of Protection

Aura of Protection is an incredibly powerful ability that can be very useful in a variety of situations. Here are a few strengths and shortcomings to keep in mind:

  • Great for protecting against save-or-die spells: Save-or-die spells such as Disintegrate, Power Word Kill, or Finger of Death can instantly kill or otherwise incapacitate a player character. With Aura of Protection, Paladins and their allies can gain a bonus to these types of saves, greatly increasing end-of-campaign survivability.
  • Can stack with other bonuses: Aura of Protection, while it can’t stack with itself, can stack with other types of bonuses. This can be especially useful when other sources can also increase bonuses to saves, making a group of allies periodically nearly impervious to certain effects.

Weaknesses of Aura of Protection

  • Limited range: Aura of Protection only works within a 10ft radius of the source, so it might not be helpful in a large-scale melee where your group is spread out. Even at the 18th level when it expands to 30ft, the range is relatively limited.

Aura of Protection vs. Aura of Courage

It’s important to note that Aura of Protection is not the same as Aura of Courage, another Paladin ability that grants immunity to the frightened condition. While both abilities are powerful, they serve completely different purposes and should be used in different situations.

When to Use Aura of Protection

As a holy warrior, (ahem, Paladin), Aura of Protection can be incredibly useful in many different situations. Here are a few such examples:

Vs.  A Mind Flayer: Mind Flayers are known for their powerful psionic abilities, which often require players to make Int, Wis, or Cha saves. With Aura of Protection, the Paladin can provide up to a +5 bonus to these saves for themselves and any other allies, giving them a better chance of resisting the often frustratingly challenging Mind Flayer’s powers.

Vs. Dragon’s Frightful Presence: Many dragons have the ability to frighten creatures with their presence, forcing them to make Wisdom save or become Frightened (the condition). With Aura of Protection, the Paladin and any allies within range gain a bonus to the saves (pre-condition), making them less likely to succumb to fear.

Vs. Warlock’s Charm Person: Warlocks often have access to bewitching spells such as Charm Person, which forces the target to make a Wisdom save or become charmed. With Aura of Protection, the Paladin and any allies within range gain a bonus to rolls to resist the Warlock’s charms.

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Final Thoughts on Aura of Protection

As a holy warrior of the gods, I take my job very seriously. It is only our holy presence that keeps the group safe from the corruption of the world. Aura of Protection is a powerful tool that allows us to fulfill our holy duty by shielding ourselves and our heathen allies from harm.

While it may not be an offensive ability, it is a crucial one that can make all the difference in a dangerous situation. Whether you’re facing down a powerful spellcaster or a deadly trap, this ability can be the key to survival in a plethora of dangerous situations.

Use it when it counts, and happy crusading, fellow Paladins.

Aura of Protection 5e FAQs

Does Aura of Protection work on the Paladin?

Yes, the Aura also affects the source of the aura as well as their allies. However, as noted previously, if there is a higher level of the Aura in effect, the Paladin won’t be affected by their own Aura of Protection as only the highest level Aura takes priority.

Does Aura of Protection affect concentration?

No, Aura of Protection does not affect concentration. Other Auras, such as the Aura of Courage, might have a more direct chance of blocking concentration-affecting abilities and conditions.

As it stands, Aura of Protection can have the consequence of preventing concentration-breaking effects purely by merit of the fact that it increases the bonus to certain saving throws.

Does Aura of Protection work through walls or other barriers?

In short, yes. Auras as they are described in the PHB, are distinct effects in the D&D universe from spells and other sorts of abilities. In general, for a spell, a line of sight is required.

However, the rules as written for Auras specifically leave any such limitation out of the description. As such, going strictly by the official handbook, Auras can go through walls and other barriers. If a DM decides differently as a blanket rule, that would be a specific House Rule.

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