At GameCows, we take the battle against false news and misinformation very seriously. 

We require our writers to be constantly diligent in vetting facts, cross-checking sources, and validating information. All our writers must abide by our Editorial Guidelines, one of the main pillars of which is Seeking the Truth.

Each and every writer for GameCows must commit to carrying out thorough fact-checking using their judgment in light of our guidelines and ethics policy.

Our editorial team is highly experienced and every article has to be approved by an editor. Moreover, we ensure fairness and impartiality in our reporting and alert readers to any information that may be in dispute. 

Our stringent standards apply to all material published, both on our website and our social media channels. Therefore, we pledge to always present thoroughly checked, accurate, and balanced content.

In addition to making sure that all information published is factual, GameCows is committed to ensuring all our reporting is fair and balanced. Where necessary, we will always alert our readers when statements or information may be disputed.

The above processes not only apply to all content on our website but also to everything we publish on our social media channels, including posts, captions, headlines, and URLs.

Any content that does not meet our standards must be reworked and revised before publication.